2 thoughts on “EXPLOSIVES

    • As a general guide, the temperatures at which some common initiating explosives melt and start to become unstable are given in the following table.

      Explosives Melting point
      HMX – 275 ˚C
      HNS – 318 ˚C
      Pentolite – 70 ˚C
      PETN – 141.3 ˚C
      RDX – 204 ˚C
      TACOT (Thermally stable high explosive, tetranitro-2,3,5,6-dibenzo-l,3a,4,6a-tetraazapentalene – TACOT) – 378 ˚C
      TATB (triamino-trinitrobenzene) – 350 ˚C

      Thus, for blasting in hot holes, conventional shock tube and detonators are not used down-the-hole, as unexpected detonations would become a risk.

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